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MOTS-c is a mitochondrial-derived peptide that regulates metabolic processes and insulin sensitivity. Research into MOTS-c explores its potential in improving metabolic health, enhancing exercise performance, and mitigating age-related decline, making it valuable for studies on metabolism and aging.

Research and Studies

Study on Physical Performance

MOTS-c boosts physical performance.Studies demonstrated that MOTS-c treatment significantly improved running capacity and endurance in mice. Mice treated with MOTS-c ran longer and faster, showing enhanced physical performance and energy metabolism.

Study on Muscle Function

MOTS-c improves muscle function.In dystrophic mice, MOTS-c treatment increased glycolysis and ATP concentration, leading to better muscle function. This suggests that MOTS-c can help improve muscle health and reduce muscle fatigue.

Study on Cardiovascular Health

MOTS-c supports cardiovascular health.Research indicated that MOTS-c improves vascular endothelial function and reduces myocardial damage in diabetic rats. This makes it a promising treatment for cardiovascular complications related to diabetes.

Study on Aging and Longevity

MOTS-c promotes healthy aging.A study found that late-life MOTS-c treatment improved physical capacity and increased median and maximum lifespan in aged mice. This suggests that MOTS-c can help enhance healthspan and reduce age-related physical decline.

Study on Metabolic Flexibility

MOTS-c enhances metabolic flexibility.Research showed that MOTS-c treatment improved the ability of aged mice to switch between using carbohydrates and fats for energy. This metabolic flexibility is crucial for maintaining energy balance and overall health.

Study on Fat Loss and Lean Mass

MOTS-c reduces fat and increases lean mass.A study on breast cancer survivors found that post-exercise MOTS-c levels were associated with reductions in fat mass and increases in lean mass. This indicates that MOTS-c can help improve body composition

Mechanism of Action

MOTS-c works by activating the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) pathway, which enhances insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells. It also promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and function, leading to improved energy metabolism and reduced fat accumulation. Additionally, MOTS-c can translocate to the nucleus under metabolic stress, regulating nuclear gene expression and maintaining cellular homeostasis.

Certificate of Analysis

Mots-C Certificate of Analysis
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Warning: For Research Purposes Only. Injectables are delivered in a freeze-dried (powder) state, contained within a sterile vial. Use requires: Bacteriostatic Water for reconstitution.

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